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development impact

Ikusasa LamaChunu as a development foundation, undertakes community development intervention to achieve predetermined outcomes. To achieve such outcomes, the foundation is guided by three principles :

  • Development impact
  • Sustainability and
  • Measurability

To this end, for every development project undertaken or supported, we develop development impact indicators. Within each indicator, we develop a continuum or scale to measure the extent of success or failure of all our interventions. Where we end up in the scale, after the completion of a project, will determine two things. Firstly, lessons of experience that can be drawn from our failure and secondly, mechanism that we put in place to replicate our successes in other projects

Secondly, we develop project evaluation mechanism to determine sustainability of projects we undertake. Sustainability though is not the be all and end all. The second most critical determinant of our participation in a project is impact. If the project is not sustainable, the question becomes, will the project have such impact as to change the lives of citizens irreversibly?

Ours therefore are not just actions of charity or philanthropy, but are those of changing lives irreveraibly.