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The book will be released soon

ISIZWE SAMACHUNU – Indabuko, Ulibo, Umlando, Isikompilo neMthetho translates in English into : THE AMACHUNU NATION – Origins, Genealogy, History, Culture and Tradition. The history book by Musawenkosi ‘Nyoni’ Mchunu is the pre-eminent  source of the history of the Chunu people of South Africa. The Chunu people are one of the houses of the great Malandela, together with the four other prominent house of Zulu, Qwabe, Mcineka and Ngema. The book traces the origins of amaChunu people over a period of 40 000 years from origins in the Great Lakes of Africa, to the great trek to Egypt which was a district of the great Abyssinia (Ethiopia) together with Nubia and Sudan, to the final trek down of the Nguni people to Southern Africa. The author Musawenkosi ‘Nyoni’ Mchunu comes from the house of inkosi uS’lwane Mchunu . The release of the book is imminent and an English translation is already underway.